Living in the Unknown

What does living in the unknown mean anyway? News flash, we always live in the unknown, we just think we are in control. I learned this lesson fast when my daughter died. Back then I was a certifiable control freak. I thought everything was in my control and if I worked hard enough, or did [...]

Living in the Unknown2015-09-08T10:38:27-04:00

Learning My Own Lessons

This past week, when I returned from Omaha, I was given an opportunity to practice what I teach. I arrived home Monday evening and settled in at home. Tuesday morning I woke up bright and early, did my morning sitting in silence practice, and headed off to yoga. I got in my car, turned the [...]

Learning My Own Lessons2015-06-04T18:56:56-04:00

I Need Your Input

As I sat down to write this blog I found that my thoughts were all over the place. They were all good thoughts, but I would write a sentence about one topic and then switch to an unrelated topic. I decided to let it go for a while and come back later. When I resumed [...]

I Need Your Input2015-06-04T14:19:43-04:00

A Mother’s Love

A week ago my Aunt Tillie died. She was 93. As I sat reflecting on Aunt Tillie, and the times I spent with her, I found my reflections also included all the other women in my life who have made their transition from this life. They include my mother and daughter along with grandmothers and [...]

A Mother’s Love2015-06-04T14:11:27-04:00

Reflections on the Unknown

I am writing this blog a couple of days early. I want to engage you during this in-between time. The days between the holidays are a time of reflection for me. A time when everyday life slows down a little bit. This has been especially true for me since our daughter's passing. As we adjusted [...]

Reflections on the Unknown2015-06-04T18:41:53-04:00

Another Turn of the Spiral of Grief

I didn't think it was possible to go any deeper into the initiation of my daughter Leah's death, I really didn't. I've been at it for almost 14 years now. It led me out of the depths of devastation. It led me to step fully into this work. And yet I find myself going deeper. [...]

Another Turn of the Spiral of Grief2015-06-04T13:25:21-04:00

Silence Speaks Louder than Words

In my last blog I wrote about dancing with my inner rebel. In the days that followed I found myself wondering if there were any other parts of myself that needed my attention. The part that spoke the loudest, paradoxically, was the part of me that craves silence, the part of me that needs to [...]

Silence Speaks Louder than Words2015-06-04T13:19:00-04:00
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