After experiencing a loss, it is possible to live a meaningful, purposeful, and joyful life.

Are you ready…

Those around you keep telling you it is “time to let go” and “move on.”

You think:
“How do I ‘let go’ and go back to normal after a loss?”
“How can I love and laugh again?”
“How can I stop feeling such guilt?”
“How do I recover from grief?”

You want to get on with life, but how?

You are not fully functioning.
You are running on auto-pilot.
You are curled up in a ball under the covers.
You are in pain.
You say ‘you are fine’, but you don’t feel fine.

Being With Grief can guide you to living your life more fully.

Let’s reclaim your life after loss, together.

Dear Friend,

I am Nancy, and almost two decades ago, I lost my daughter in a car accident. She was only 17. I crumbled.

Today, my husband and I help people just like you, who are grief-stricken, and we guide them through their emotions so they can live a full life again.

I know that feels like that is impossible, now. Your whole world has changed. The pain can be unbearable. You feel lost and alone and often completely disconnected with day to day life. Grief can be utterly debilitating and life without can be very hard to accept. You are different. You are now changed, forever.

In a blink, you have embarked on a journey of self-evolution and personal growth. Most people try to take this trip by themselves because they have heard that it is best to be strong, grieve alone, keep busy and that time will heal all wounds. It doesn’t have to be that hard, long or alone. Unresolved grief keeps you stuck, tired, and depleted until you address it’s roots.

We have a way to move you through your grief, listen to your body, connect with your heart, reside in the present while feeling your emotions without being consumed by them. We can guide you in your grief journey in an honest, intuitive and compassionate way.

It is time to reclaim you. But for the now, let’s embrace living while being with grief.

Will you walk with me?


Want a male perspective on grief? Meet Nancy’s husband, Dan.

Recognizing Loss

Did you know there are many kinds of loss?
Loss of:

A job.
A relationship.
Your health.
A loved one, whether expected or unexpected.

When you experience life-changing losses, you are likely to feel sad, lonely, devastated, angry, helpless, resigned. These are all aspects of grief.

Most people don’t even recognize these feelings or events as something to heal. They want to stuff these emotions down deep within themselves. If grief is not processed in a healthy intentional way, feelings of being stuck or unable to move on linger. They even disassociate their current feelings with the initial loss, because it happened so long ago.

Wherever you find yourself, it is not too late to move beyond your feelings of grief and find purpose again.

Are you grieving?


I get asked a lot, “When will I know I am ready to move forward with my healing journey?”

If loss is expected, I recommend planning and preparing for a loss prior to the actual event.
When loss is unexpected, you are more open to delve more deeply into your journey when you start asking questions like:

How do I create a life that is meaningful now?

Why should I want to?

How do I know if I am healing?

What does healing look like?


You don’t have to do it alone.

Each experience of grief is unique, life-changing, and transformative. Nancy or Dan will work with you – wherever you are – in your own grief process. We will help you come to terms with your feelings whatever they may be in order for you to regain meaning, purpose and joy to your life.



The Alchemy of Grief:
Your Journey to Wholeness

by Nancy Loeffler

…Before I knew it, I was deep in a space that I wasn’t aware of… not really aware of, anyway. I found myself in tears at times, feeling lighter sometimes, and even feeling a bit heavier at other times during and just after our sessions. I left there each time with something new and enlightening to reflect on and to trust. I enjoyed my sessions with Nancy and her guidance was very comforting and real. I would recommend working with Nancy to learn to ‘be with grief’ but also, just to learn ‘to be’.
Ingrid Beckman
A beautiful dream I had following Nancy’s talk and book reading reveals how deeply the evening touched me. In the dream, Nancy is cooking a meal for a group of people. The table is beautiful. Luminous curtains of soft light drape gently down over the table, creating a warm, inviting and intimate place to openly share grief with others.
It was only as the program developed that I was made aware and realized that I had been carrying lots of grief in my head and heart for many years.
Margaret Duggan
Both Nancy and Dan offered so much beautifully grounded vulnerability and created a space of such intimacy where the deepest questions could be asked of them and they were eloquent in their heartful responses. We all have grief – Nancy’s book is a beautiful guide through all kinds of grief. The Alchemy of Grief: Your Journey to Wholeness.
Sheila Foster
I worked with Nancy three years ago in the midst of deep grief after losing my 64 year old sister and mother two months later. When I first started working with Nancy, I was very shut down and resistant to accepting the new reality of life without these two important women in my life, unable to move forward. As a result of working with Nancy, I began accepting my new reality, working on the resistance to the changes and embracing myself totally. Nancy is wonderful at facilitating the complexities and depths of grief. I am very grateful for our work together.
Patti Brinjac

Being With Grief has helped me move through the emotions surrounding my father’s death. Nancy educated me on ways to feel the feelings even when they seemed insurmountable. She taught me to care for myself through difficult times. I now have a whole toolbox full of techniques that help me in daily life. I am a better person for working with Nancy and feel blessed she’s a part of my journey.

Wendy Strong
Before I started the Grief Recovery workshop I was grief stricken lost and confused. I felt dead inside and depressed. After just a few sessions I felt relief and was less distressed – a definite improvement.
Nancy has a gift and great insight when walking with others on their grief journey. She continues to inspire and teach me as she go along my own journey.
Dawn Drew