Do you think that if you bury your feelings under a mountain of distractions long enough,
they will go away?

Yeah, so did we. I called it cookies.

When will this be over?

Wherever you are in you grief journey, chances are you sometimes find yourself wondering how you got here. You are on a journey you didn’t want to take; yet here you are, living in a world that is vastly different than any world you imagined for yourself.

You may be in denial, not wanting to believe how the fabric of your life has changed. You may rail against reality and want things to be the way they were before your loss.

You may bargain with your life, hoping that somehow, your life will be restored to the life that was ripped out from under you while you weren’t looking.

You may find yourself sad for no apparent reason when you hear a song, at a certain time of year, or feel a shift in the weather.

Have you heard that you must feel your feelings to move through your grief?

Does that feel impossible to you?

Do you find yourself staying home, using diversions to keep you from thinking about your loss? Do you think that if you bury your feelings under a mountain of distraction long enough they will go away and you can resume your life as it was before?

I used to think if I ate enough chocolate chip cookies that I wouldn’t have to feel the pain of losing my daughter.

Have you been through that cycle more than once or twice, each time thinking if you can only do it right THIS time that you can go back to the way your life used
to be?

Grief can be isolating.

Grief rips the fabric of your life; it breaks open your heart. It is from that broken open heart that you will discover your courage to meet your feelings with presence.

You can stop agonizing about your life and why you aren’t accomplishing what you tell yourself you will accomplish when you wake up every Monday morning.
You can heal your old emotional wounds, the past, and everything that is keeping you stuck where you are.

You can live from love rather than fear.

You can be in touch with your deepest wisdom and your intuition without the endless mind trip.
You don’t have to “do grief” any certain way, you get to do grief your own way. I can walk with you on that journey. I won’t tell you;

• To get over it
• How you should feel
• How you shouldn’t feel
• How to get closure
• When you can expect to heal
• That this happened for a reason

I will help you:

• Grieve in your own unique way, a way that makes sense to you and honors your loved one or the way of life you are leaving behind
• Connect to the essence of yourself
• Find joy again,
• Find meaning and purpose in your life

All of this is possible in the present moment. The present moment holds everything you need.
Find confirmation that your life so far is validated and supports your growth. Find out what kind of future is possible.
Arrive at a place where you feel confident about your ability to experience, accept and meet your feelings fully, in any circumstance.
Create a self-care routine that matches your unique rhythm, without feeling guilty!Use Creativity to discover your true nature.
Welcome surprise and delight into your life.
Discover how your Light and Dark sides can work together for your benefit.
Learn how to listen to your body’s wisdom so it can let you know what is best for you.

Let’s reclaim your life by walking together

We have many options to help you to grieve in a way that honors you, where ever you are. Here are two.