Everything I Have Done…..

“Everything you have done until now has prepared you for what is next.” When I heard that message shortly after Leah died, I had no idea that it meant EVERYTHING; every little thing that I have ever gone through in my entire life.  I came to that realization after a week of book events in [...]

Everything I Have Done…..2021-03-30T13:53:59-04:00

Our Journey to St. Paul

I took some time during the past week to do some deeper reflection on the past year and everything it brought up for me. There is no doubt that 2020 held many difficulties for all of us.  What I noticed for me is the disruption of pandemic affected me on a personal energetic level.  [...]

Our Journey to St. Paul2021-01-13T14:03:36-05:00

20 Years is a Long Time

We marked the 20-year anniversary of Leah’s death earlier this month. 20 years. That fact is enough to stop me in my tracks.  20 years is a long time. That’s what I thought when I first began to mark 20-year milestones; 20 years since I graduated grade school and high school, my 20-year wedding anniversary, [...]

20 Years is a Long Time2021-01-13T13:47:45-05:00

My Grand Adventure

On July 24, 2020, I became a grandmother for the first time! I’ve known this was going to happen for a while, yet I wasn’t fully prepared for the flood of emotion that arrived upon the sight of my granddaughter’s face at 3 AM on a Saturday morning. It rocked my world like few [...]

My Grand Adventure2021-01-13T13:35:28-05:00

Profound Insights and Feeling What We’re Feeling

It’s back to school time. I live in an area with year round schools but I’ve been seeing back-to-school pictures and posts since July. It’s this time of year, however, when traditional schools return to class that remind me that I will soon be entering the months leading up to Leah’s accident. The new school [...]

Profound Insights and Feeling What We’re Feeling2018-08-22T18:38:16-04:00

Saturday, August 4, 2018: Intro to Self-Samyama Workshop

Saturday, August 4, 2018 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Are you ready to stop agonizing about your life and why you aren’t accomplishing what you tell yourself you will accomplish when wake up every Monday morning? Are you ready to heal your old emotional wounds, the past, and everything that is keeping you stuck where [...]

Saturday, August 4, 2018: Intro to Self-Samyama Workshop2018-07-11T18:45:14-04:00

Lessons from 2017

As this year winds to a close, I’d like to share with you what I’ve been reflecting on for the last few weeks. At this time last year I was preparing for my book to be published and starting to think about how I was going to market it. When I revisited my musings from [...]

Lessons from 20172017-12-29T11:00:04-05:00

A Good Death

Last week at the Raleigh Death Café  a participant’s question about what constitutes a good death prompted much discussion. As I listened to the interesting conversation I flashed back almost 17 years to Leah’s hospital room. I remembered holding on to every thread of hope as we conferred with her doctors. I remembered Dan helping [...]

A Good Death2017-07-14T09:58:23-04:00

Tails From the Road

In the past month I have traveled to two book events, one in Boulder, CO, and one in Minneapolis, MN. I’ve begun to write about each of them several times, but it took awhile until I was ready. Even though the content of each event was similar, I received unique gifts from each of them. [...]

Tails From the Road2017-06-09T16:10:35-04:00

Striving for Perfection

What comes up for you when you hear the word perfection? Many of us spend our lives striving for perfection, believing that we cannot live the life of our dreams until we reach this illusive quality. We put conditions on ourselves and beat ourselves up when we are not able to achieve what we perceive [...]

Striving for Perfection2016-09-20T13:42:49-04:00

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