Nancy Loeffler

As a mother who lost her 17-year old daughter Leah in a car accident in November of 2000, she fully understands the territory of grief. Her daughter’s death provided a doorway to her transformation that she never expected. It broke open her heart and showed her a way to break free from limiting beliefs about what was possible in her life. She walks with her clients on their own grief journeys so that they, too, can again find meaning, purpose, and even joy after a devastating loss.

Signature Talks

Samyama: A Way To Be With All Of Your Feelings

  • What is Samyama?
  • How you can use it to process grief and move forward.
  • How to incorporate the practice into your life.
  • Samyama as a resources for dailing living, not only grief.

My Unexpected Healing Journey: How I Reclaimed My Life After Loss

  • My story of grief after my daughter’s death.
  • Finding the life I was meant to live.
  • Resources for healing.

Finding My Voice Through My Grief Journey

  • How I claimed my voice through the initiation of my daughter’s death.
  • How speaking my truth healed wounds from my childhood.
  • How you can look at events in your own lives to step fully into the life you are meant to live.

Audience Reaction

“Nancy creates a warm, inviting and intimate place to openly share grief with others.” – Anne

“Nancy offered so much beautifully grounded vulnerability and created a space of such intimacy where the deepest questions could be asked.” – Sheila Foster