Grief is the toughest fight most of us will ever face due to cultural norms that require us to be silent and alone.

Not any more

We’ve Been There

We lost our 17-year old daughter in a car accident almost two decades ago.

Nancy crumbled.

Dan tried to shove his feelings in a mental compartment.

Both of us had to learn how to grieve and reclaim our lives.

We realized during our own journey that grief is not an experience that should be done alone.

Living Fully Again

Being With Grief is a life-force for everyone affected by grief. It’s about compassionate grief-survivors being a source of energy, optimism, knowledge and support for the grief-stricken.

It is about the first smile. The first laugh. It’s about having the ability to choose a meaningful, purposeful, and joyful life despite living with loss.

The Being With Grief team is there every step of the way so you don’t have to go through it alone and wonder if you’ll ever feel “normal.” Together, we walk with you through your emotions so you can eventually live a full life again.

Meet Us


Happily married and mother of two, Nancy’s journey through grief began in November 2000, when her daughter died in a car crash.

Devastated and numb, she didn’t think she would ever feel alive again. It was a painful and long journey, but she discovered a message behind her grief that has turned into helping others in their grief journeys.

>>Nancy’s Full Story


After the loss of his daughter, he was ill-equipt with handling his emotions, so he locked them up in a file cabinet inside his mind.

Only after experiencing the Grief Recovery Method, did he gain insight and awareness into how many people were just like him, living and working ina wounded state not knowing how to heal or where to find help.

>>Dan’s Full Story

We are…

Open and Present

We understand that collaboration is the only way we can help improve the lives of everyone affected by grief. We are open-minded and inclusive. That is why we share our own experiences with loss purposefully. We’re not afraid of letting go, expressing candidly or showing how one can live a fully present life while being with grief. We are about doing whatever it takes to help people move through their grief in healthy ways.


We treat everyone we come into contact with as an individ-ual and with care. We listen to their experiences and needs and provide them with the personal support that’s right for them. That’s true whether they’re a person who has lost a loved one or someone who has lost their job.


We know life is a gift to be em-braced and we show gratitude by living it to the fullest. Our emotions are a part of our journey. Feeling okay with feelings is the human experience. We love to love, but we appreciate and honor all our feelings. Listen to your body, con-nect with your heart, reside in the present while feeling your emo-tions is the essence of our success in grief transformation.

Are you ready to step out of the dark?