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Reflections on World Sorrows

Reflections on World Sorrow Francis Weller, in his book The Wild Edge of Sorrow, talks of the Sorrow of the World.  By acknowledging the losses in the world around us, we begin to understand how our personal loss seems insurmountable due to our accumulated experiences of loss that we witness in the world. These [...]

Reflections on World Sorrows2022-07-04T18:48:58-04:00

Tales from the Ammo Box – Temple of your mind and Warrior Culture

A few days ago, I journaled about the area aligned with my eyes on the side of my head, referred to as your temple. And being a good follower of the obvious, the origin of the word struck me. What better name could you have for this area? Nancy and I both talk about [...]

Tales from the Ammo Box – Temple of your mind and Warrior Culture2022-05-27T07:48:24-04:00

Tales from the Ammo Box

Today I was struck by another question. On a typical day, I'll either find myself thinking about how did "That Guy" think up "that idea" and gift it to the world or I end up musing about the lyrics to songs going through my head. Since I started this men's grief series that I am [...]

Tales from the Ammo Box2022-02-27T13:20:40-05:00

More … Tales from the Ammo Box

We just finished our 2nd intro seminar that is entitled, "Changing the conversation around grief" One of the topics that surfaced was having more than one type of conversation. I would like to reference the preemptory and the post-traumatic type conversation today. Our idea of changing the conversation starts with overcoming the stigma and [...]

More … Tales from the Ammo Box2022-02-26T16:36:19-05:00

Tales From The Ammo Box

Preface: The ammo box is a physical illustration of how I stuffed my grief. As I start this storyline, I begin to understand the relationship that I have with my father who died less than a year after I got married. That was 45 years ago and I can’t help but think that our [...]

Tales From The Ammo Box2022-02-25T13:31:13-05:00

Dan’s Thoughts on Holiday Grief

https://youtu.be/wT7j9eQcEsU Holiday's can be really hard when you have lost a family member or had a difficult time this past year. Nancy and I have been talking about doing a series of conversations on grief. While I am new to doing videos, future postings will be a little less stiff as I attempt to [...]

Dan’s Thoughts on Holiday Grief2021-12-20T15:07:33-05:00

Men’s Health & Healing – my tale

This past August I had a Radical Prostatectomy My journey through this life event has given me a new appreciation for my health and the support I have in partnership with my wife, Nancy. We recently celebrated 51 years together and 45 years as man & wife. Had I not had the ability to share [...]

Men’s Health & Healing – my tale2021-10-13T15:22:21-04:00

The Sound of Emotion

Being with Grief has an on-going project called Gift Circle. The idea is that we all have gifts and that we find meaning by sharing these gifts with others. The work that I have been called to do and offer here is based on this idea. I grew up during the 60 & 70’s during [...]

The Sound of Emotion2021-09-30T11:24:54-04:00


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