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How Grief Changes Holidays

While visiting our son this month, I had another moment when the gift of being present revealed itself. In our work, the subject of death and dying is common. When we think of our own demise, it always seems like a lifetime removed from our daily concerns. I had one of those moments of clarity [...]

How Grief Changes Holidays2016-12-17T11:56:11-05:00

Grieving Bravely

Today, while sipping my coffee, I read some postings on the Grief Toolbox. There was sharing, sadness, and resolve. Regarding one particular entry, I wrote: "Grief shows up uniquely for everyone. Just reading the posts, you see a wide variety of feelings. There was anger, sadness, and compassion. But the poem I read spoke of [...]

Grieving Bravely2016-02-05T10:25:05-05:00

Continuing to Change the Conversation Around Grief

Early grief is a difficult topic that also requires a change in conversation. The difficulty encountered during this emotional time just occurs immediately after a loss. The feeling associated with early grief can be overwhelmingly challenging. Learned responses based on our own faulty observations do not provide sufficient skill to prepare us for large life [...]

Continuing to Change the Conversation Around Grief2015-11-18T15:39:35-05:00

Making the Move – Transitions

The topic of transitions and how we approach change came up in a recent discussion while visiting independent living facilities. In working with seniors, and with becoming seniors ourselves, how I view change in my life and how we manage our transitions made an big impression. As I meet and interact with the residents, their [...]

Making the Move – Transitions2015-11-05T13:24:20-05:00

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