Milestones and Holidays

Nothing can knock the wind out of our sails like the approach of a holiday or a milestone day. Even after over 21 years my daughter’s birthday can bring tears. Mother’s Day is bittersweet. The year-end holidays can bring sadness. All of these occasions also bring immense joy and celebration too. I didn’t come to [...]

Milestones and Holidays2022-01-12T14:47:58-05:00

Navigating the Holidays after Grief

Every year when August hits I am reminded that the holidays are right around the corner. The holiday season can be stressful on it own without the added layers of grief.  Grief is a difficult emotion to describe because it is made up of so many other feelings such as sadness, anger, devastation, and so [...]

Navigating the Holidays after Grief2021-08-22T11:39:32-04:00

The Rhythm of Time

One of the things that I often talk about is recognizing the impact that the rhythm of time has had on my grief journey. All throughout my life, I’ve always been fascinated by how time can feel different, depending on what is going on.  Maybe that’s why I was so aware of the surreal [...]

The Rhythm of Time2021-08-05T10:53:31-04:00

Holiday traditions –an unexpected rumination

  Last week I invited friends and colleagues to share some of their new holiday traditions they started, after the death of family members. I've received many great re-imagined traditions as families search for new meaning celebrating the holidays without their loved ones present. My good friend Nancy Ruffner shared the following. When I [...]

Holiday traditions –an unexpected rumination2021-08-05T11:01:59-04:00

Holidays and Milestones

As I look at my calendar, July 4th is just around the corner. One of the things I talk about often is how holidays and milestone days can bring up associative memories that remind us of our loved ones who have died.The 4th of July may not be a holiday that holds those kinds of [...]

Holidays and Milestones2018-06-28T15:12:42-04:00

Lessons from 2017

As this year winds to a close, I’d like to share with you what I’ve been reflecting on for the last few weeks. At this time last year I was preparing for my book to be published and starting to think about how I was going to market it. When I revisited my musings from [...]

Lessons from 20172017-12-29T11:00:04-05:00

New Year Reflections

It’s that time of the year again. Time to reflect on the year that went before, and make intentions for the year spread out in front of us. For most of my life as the year waned, I would look back on the past year and berate myself for all the ways I perceived failure [...]

New Year Reflections2017-01-09T14:11:53-05:00

How Grief Changes Holidays

While visiting our son this month, I had another moment when the gift of being present revealed itself. In our work, the subject of death and dying is common. When we think of our own demise, it always seems like a lifetime removed from our daily concerns. I had one of those moments of clarity [...]

How Grief Changes Holidays2016-12-17T11:56:11-05:00

Feeling All of Your Feelings

I have been thinking a lot about feelings lately. Social media inundates everyone with demands to think positively, to be happy, and to not wallow in negative feelings. The double dose of holiday cheer, followed by New Year’s resolutions to think positively, can make you wonder what is wrong with you and you can feel [...]

Feeling All of Your Feelings2016-01-26T10:20:31-05:00

Holidays Can Be Difficult

Before Dan and I knew it, we found ourselves smack in the middle of another holiday season. This year we spent Thanksgiving at the outer banks with friends. It was our first visit there and like most holidays we are always ready to spend it in a way that does not resemble holidays of the [...]

Holidays Can Be Difficult2015-12-02T16:10:20-05:00


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