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Lessons From My Shoulder Surgery

What did I learn from my down time, while I was recovering from shoulder surgery?As I reflect on this time, it is clear to me that my surgery and the time after was not down time at all. Let me explain.Since the beginning of this year I’ve been aware of clarity of language, more precisely, [...]

Lessons From My Shoulder Surgery2020-02-03T13:44:38-05:00

Tales from My Journey

When I first started my year-long quest on my 64th birthday I thought I went into it with no expectations. I certainly didn’t expect to discover I needed shoulder replacement surgery. And yet, as I prepared for it, I found out that I held emotional baggage in my shoulder. I first thought that releasing the [...]

Tales from My Journey2020-02-03T13:46:59-05:00

Getting Ready for Surgery

Here is a picture of my new chair. There was a time when I would have told you that I would never own a recliner. I don’t like them and I never have. So why do I now have one in my bedroom? Next week I am going to have shoulder replacement surgery. When I [...]

Getting Ready for Surgery2019-02-07T14:04:17-05:00

My Yearlong Quest Took A Detour

I returned home from four days in Vegas last week, or maybe it was last year, or yesterday. It was one of those experiences that was timeless and that cellularly changed me once again. The event was called The Stage, and I took the stage to tell my story. What I came to realize is [...]

My Yearlong Quest Took A Detour2019-07-09T07:25:00-04:00

Another Milestone

As I write these words, I am marking the 18th anniversary of Leah’s death. The week that starts with her accident and ends with her death is always different each year. There is always a surreal quality to them. I decided to take this day to be with my thoughts, to write, to contemplate, to [...]

Another Milestone2019-07-09T07:28:49-04:00

Profound Insights and Feeling What We’re Feeling

It’s back to school time. I live in an area with year round schools but I’ve been seeing back-to-school pictures and posts since July. It’s this time of year, however, when traditional schools return to class that remind me that I will soon be entering the months leading up to Leah’s accident. The new school [...]

Profound Insights and Feeling What We’re Feeling2018-08-22T18:38:16-04:00

Many Facets of Grief

Grief travels a diverse and twisted road. It’s often a road that we could never have imagined. I remember thinking that I was grieving for my daughter, Leah, differently than I ever thought I would. You will encounter many facets or aspects of grief as you travel this road. The facets may also be seen as [...]

Many Facets of Grief2018-07-11T10:44:43-04:00

Saturday, August 4, 2018: Intro to Self-Samyama Workshop

Saturday, August 4, 2018 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Are you ready to stop agonizing about your life and why you aren’t accomplishing what you tell yourself you will accomplish when wake up every Monday morning? Are you ready to heal your old emotional wounds, the past, and everything that is keeping you stuck where [...]

Saturday, August 4, 2018: Intro to Self-Samyama Workshop2018-07-11T18:45:14-04:00

Holidays and Milestones

As I look at my calendar, July 4th is just around the corner. One of the things I talk about often is how holidays and milestone days can bring up associative memories that remind us of our loved ones who have died.The 4th of July may not be a holiday that holds those kinds of [...]

Holidays and Milestones2018-06-28T15:12:42-04:00

Another Turn Around the Sun

As I write this, we’ve entered into my birthday month; by the time you read this, my birthday will have passed. There was a time when I didn’t look forward to my birthday; a time when my birthday didn’t live up to my expectation. The problem was, I didn’t really know what I wanted my [...]

Another Turn Around the Sun2018-06-17T11:52:22-04:00
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