One of the questions I find myself asking myself as well as my clients, is,

How does your grief journey call you to a greater purpose?  Or

Where is your grief journey calling you?

These questions have been crucial in my own unfolding and transformation along the course of my grief journey.  Dan and I have found that connection with others has helped us to find meaning and purpose for ourselves.

Over the course of the last 8 plus years we have created and hosted a Grief Meet-up and been a host table for The Dinner Party. Both of these endeavors were in pre-Covid times, and before we moved from Raleigh. We’ve also been a part of the Raleigh Death Café, as well as an End of Life Professionals networking group.

In each of these initiatives, we’ve found that the community aspect of these groups have helped us, and all of the attendees think about grief differently than we did going into them.

We were able to provide our insights into our own process, and facilitate conversations about our participant’s processes.  We gained as much from these conversations as our attendees told us they did.

It is from this place that our latest venture is launching, our monthly webinar series,

Changing the Conversation Around Grief.

This series is a membership opportunity that will bring together grievers wherever they are in their grief journey.  We will do a live webinar via Zoom each month on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Why are we grief experts?
  • Why do we fear Grief and are reluctant to talk about it?
  • What is the cost to us if we do not express our grief?
  • Why is it important to feel our feelings?
  • What is the one question we are asked about grief?
  • Help find ways to grieve in alignment with our values
  • Having the awkward conversation with friends & family – How do you start the conversation?

We will also invite guest into our conversations, people we have met along the way that we want you to know.  In addition to the monthly live webinars and access to the videos on our membership portal, we will host a private Facebook group to continue the conversation, this will be a safe space to share about your own grief journey if you would like, or witness a deeper conversation until you are ready to enter it yourself.

From this place, Dan and I will be developing our first ever program together.

Up until now we have each worked separately with our clients, and will continue to do so.  We are now being called to combine our wisdom to create a new offering.  We don’t know exactly with this will look like yet.  We do know that it will be created from the conversations we have in our community, and will meet the needs expressed there.


To find out more about our community, and to join, click here.

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