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After I began helping others to navigate their grief, I thought to myself, “This is the life I was meant to live”; referencing the message I heard shortly after Leah died that said, Losing Leah is too high a price to pay to not live the life you were meant to live. About this time, [...]

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There’s More Than One Way to Get to the Park

I’ve been receiving the following message in my morning meditation: “Show up unapologetically as yourself in everything that you do.” There was a time when that would have sent me down a rabbit hole or into a tailspin. What if “they” don’t like the fullness of who I am?  (Who is this mythical “they” [...]

There’s More Than One Way to Get to the Park2021-08-05T10:56:58-04:00

Lessons from 2017

As this year winds to a close, I’d like to share with you what I’ve been reflecting on for the last few weeks. At this time last year I was preparing for my book to be published and starting to think about how I was going to market it. When I revisited my musings from [...]

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Tails From the Road

In the past month I have traveled to two book events, one in Boulder, CO, and one in Minneapolis, MN. I’ve begun to write about each of them several times, but it took awhile until I was ready. Even though the content of each event was similar, I received unique gifts from each of them. [...]

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Relaxing Into Myself

When the dust settled after my book launch party I wondered, “ Okay. What now? What do authors do once the editing, publishing, and launching are done?” The answer came soon enough; market the book. I began the process of writing to venues to request book events and speaking engagements, shifted my networking message, and [...]

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My Book is Launched! (and lessons I learned along the way)

My book launch party was last Sunday. I am now officially an author. You may think that my author status took effect when I held the first copy of my book in my hand, but it didn’t. For me it happened Sunday when I stood in front of family, friends, and interested people and shared a [...]

My Book is Launched! (and lessons I learned along the way)2017-02-06T07:36:59-05:00

New Year Reflections

It’s that time of the year again. Time to reflect on the year that went before, and make intentions for the year spread out in front of us. For most of my life as the year waned, I would look back on the past year and berate myself for all the ways I perceived failure [...]

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Break Out of Your Trance

Last time I wrote to you I was getting ready to send the first draft of my book to my editor. Since that time, I have done that, had a phone consult with him to look at content and structure of my book, begun rewrites, and met with someone to set up the deadlines necessary [...]

Break Out of Your Trance2016-07-09T17:09:32-04:00

Progress on My Book

The last few months have seen me spending an abundance of time on my book. Late last year, as I was reflecting on 2015 and looking forward to this year, the top goal on my list was to publish my book. To go from forthcoming author to published author. I knew, in order to do [...]

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