Milestone Days

Are You Dreading The Holidays?

I am writing you to this week from snowy Omaha. I am finding that living in a place that has a true winter is bringing up memories from my childhood in Chicago. There is a feeling when you go outside in 10-degree weather that you just don't get in North Carolina. The air smells different, [...]

Are You Dreading The Holidays?2015-06-04T13:47:49-04:00

What I Did on My Vacation

Dan and I went to a wedding celebration last week. My goddaughter got married earlier this summer on a family vacation and held a party for friends and family to celebrate her marriage. We had a wonderful time connecting and reconnecting with friends, some we hadn't seen since we moved from Chicago in 1993. We [...]

What I Did on My Vacation2015-06-04T13:34:35-04:00
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