Milestone Days

Tales from My Journey

When I first started my year-long quest on my 64th birthday I thought I went into it with no expectations. I certainly didn’t expect to discover I needed shoulder replacement surgery. And yet, as I prepared for it, I found out that I held emotional baggage in my shoulder. I first thought that releasing the [...]

Tales from My Journey2020-02-03T13:46:59-05:00

Another Milestone

As I write these words, I am marking the 18th anniversary of Leah’s death. The week that starts with her accident and ends with her death is always different each year. There is always a surreal quality to them. I decided to take this day to be with my thoughts, to write, to contemplate, to [...]

Another Milestone2019-07-09T07:28:49-04:00

Profound Insights and Feeling What We’re Feeling

It’s back to school time. I live in an area with year round schools but I’ve been seeing back-to-school pictures and posts since July. It’s this time of year, however, when traditional schools return to class that remind me that I will soon be entering the months leading up to Leah’s accident. The new school [...]

Profound Insights and Feeling What We’re Feeling2018-08-22T18:38:16-04:00

Holidays and Milestones

As I look at my calendar, July 4th is just around the corner. One of the things I talk about often is how holidays and milestone days can bring up associative memories that remind us of our loved ones who have died.The 4th of July may not be a holiday that holds those kinds of [...]

Holidays and Milestones2018-06-28T15:12:42-04:00

Another Turn Around the Sun

As I write this, we’ve entered into my birthday month; by the time you read this, my birthday will have passed. There was a time when I didn’t look forward to my birthday; a time when my birthday didn’t live up to my expectation. The problem was, I didn’t really know what I wanted my [...]

Another Turn Around the Sun2018-06-17T11:52:22-04:00

New Year Reflections

It’s that time of the year again. Time to reflect on the year that went before, and make intentions for the year spread out in front of us. For most of my life as the year waned, I would look back on the past year and berate myself for all the ways I perceived failure [...]

New Year Reflections2017-01-09T14:11:53-05:00

Holidays Can Be Difficult

Before Dan and I knew it, we found ourselves smack in the middle of another holiday season. This year we spent Thanksgiving at the outer banks with friends. It was our first visit there and like most holidays we are always ready to spend it in a way that does not resemble holidays of the [...]

Holidays Can Be Difficult2015-12-02T16:10:20-05:00

Big Milestones

The 15th anniversary of Leah’s accident and death was last week. This year’s experience was nothing like any of the preceding years and brought a few surprises. The previous weekend we visited our son in Minneapolis. We had a nourishing visit as always. We laughed and talked about silly and important things. We received lots [...]

Big Milestones2015-11-11T11:47:20-05:00

Associative Memories and a New School Year

This time of year is nostalgic for me. Ever since I had children in school, the end of summer and the start of school year have always been bittersweet. The start of a new school year brought to mind how much growth had occurred for my kids. The anticipation of a new school year, new [...]

Associative Memories and a New School Year2015-08-12T10:51:42-04:00

Are You Dreading The Holidays?

I am writing you to this week from snowy Omaha. I am finding that living in a place that has a true winter is bringing up memories from my childhood in Chicago. There is a feeling when you go outside in 10-degree weather that you just don't get in North Carolina. The air smells different, [...]

Are You Dreading The Holidays?2015-06-04T13:47:49-04:00


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