Men’s Grief

Tales from the Ammo Box – Temple of your mind and Warrior Culture

A few days ago, I journaled about the area aligned with my eyes on the side of my head, referred to as your temple. And being a good follower of the obvious, the origin of the word struck me. What better name could you have for this area? Nancy and I both talk about [...]

Tales from the Ammo Box – Temple of your mind and Warrior Culture2022-05-27T07:48:24-04:00

Tales from the Ammo Box

Today I was struck by another question. On a typical day, I'll either find myself thinking about how did "That Guy" think up "that idea" and gift it to the world or I end up musing about the lyrics to songs going through my head. Since I started this men's grief series that I am [...]

Tales from the Ammo Box2022-02-27T13:20:40-05:00

Tales From The Ammo Box

Preface: The ammo box is a physical illustration of how I stuffed my grief. As I start this storyline, I begin to understand the relationship that I have with my father who died less than a year after I got married. That was 45 years ago and I can’t help but think that our [...]

Tales From The Ammo Box2022-02-25T13:31:13-05:00

Grief Associated with Loss of Health

One of the fears that most people have as they age is the loss of health. I know this because as it has become a real life situation that I happen to be facing.   I am facing surgery in a couple of weeks and the fear and surrounding grief associated with this loss is [...]

Grief Associated with Loss of Health2021-08-22T12:01:57-04:00

Friendship Grief

Some friendships are meant to last a lifetime while some blossom beautifully and fade. There is grief associated with each of these types of friendships. What does it mean to be a friend? How can you tell a long term from a short term friendship. I hope that everyone has a friendship or two [...]

Friendship Grief2021-08-22T12:03:09-04:00

Working with Grief

When I am asked, Why do you do this work?” or “How can you work with people in grief?” My initial answer is that I am honoring my daughter’s memory as I go about this important work. Leah was and remains a bright light in our lives. In doing this work, I hope to bring [...]

Working with Grief2021-08-05T13:36:52-04:00


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