My guidance lately has been scrupulous devotion to the present moment. Deeply diving into the mystery of each moment. The stories in my head are active. They ask me that how can I be productive if I am spending all my time being in the present moment. And while “production” has not been my biggest goal right now as I come out of the processing of the most recent dip into the well of grief, things are getting done. I am pretty sure I am doing them since I made the list that has items crossed off. My inquiry each morning is, show me the mystery of each moment. I am getting clearer and clearer about what that means.

These are some of my discoveries:

Time takes on a different dimension.

When I am in the moment I am lost in my activity. I am not looking at the clock, or checking email or Facebook. I am more focused. There is more flow in my day.

I am living more and more from a place of abundance, nourishment and pleasure rather than deprivation. I ask myself more often if my actions support life. When they don’t, I take some time to bring those feelings to my heart and ask why they don’t support life.

I can’t describe the mystery of the present moment and I yet I know it when I am there. This is another way of saying I am getting more and more comfortable being in the unknown. A place where I do not need to know why, a place of surrender.

The present moment is where the magic happens.

Where alchemy happens. It is where the unexplainable is transformed into the understood.

I am not suggesting that you take on my practice for your own. For too long I tried to mimic the practice of someone I admired as my own. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

I would like to invite you into your own heart to discover what practice, what self-care ritual, what creative endeavors are calling to you.

Take some time each day to ask yourself one or more of these questions. Choose the ones that call to you.

What inspires me?

What nourishes me?

Where is life calling me?

Write down all of your answers. What keeps coming up and just will not let you alone? That is a clue for you. Maybe it is something that you do now and you are being called deeper into that practice. Or maybe it is something brand new to you. Whatever it is, take some time to investigate how you can add it to your life. Remember you can think of it as an experiment. Try it for a while. You can always try something else later. This is your life.

Create the life that expresses your true essence.

A life that inspires you to live your best life possible.
I’d love to hear what you think. Send me an email, or leave a comment below.