As I sat down to write this blog I found that my thoughts were all over the place. They were all good thoughts, but I would write a sentence about one topic and then switch to an unrelated topic. I decided to let it go for a while and come back later. When I resumed writing, what came to me was to ask you what you would like to hear about. Are there any topics about grief that I have not covered? Anything I have written about in the past that you would like me to discuss more? I made a list of some familiar topics below.

I invite you to take some time to contemplate them and let me know what you would like to hear from me.

How I navigated my own grief journey; especially in the early days.

Navigating grief from a loss other than the death of a loved one. We experience grief when we lose a job, a relationship, a pet, our health, or any other time our life turns out differently then we planned.

Grief as a cycle of life. How everyday losses, like those listed above, can provide you insights into the way you process grief, which can then help when you experience a bigger loss.

How to navigate milestone days of a loss event such as anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays. Also how to navigate the anticipation of these days.

How to find our own way of meeting grief and living through it. Finding a way that makes sense to us.

How other people’s views of grief may affect our own process. For example, people may have certain expectations including the acceptable length of grief, what closure means and if closure is even possible.

Grief as initiation; what I mean by that including how your own initiation can lead you to rediscover your true self and the ability to live a joyful life again.

Samyama meditation as a resource not only for meeting your grief but also for meeting your daily life.

How to help support someone else who has lost a loved one.

How eating and grief issues intersect. What Eating Psychology has to do with grief.

Any other topic, anything at all that you would like to know.
I welcome any other questions you have about the grief process, my personal process, or anything else that arises as you read this. I always welcome your input. I have tremendous gratitude for you and for the time you take to read my newsletter and blog.
You can respond by email. or leave a comment below to voice your opinions.