Last Friday was my birthday.

It was not only Friday the 13th and a full moon, (hence the howling) it was my 60th birthday.

As I approached this milestone I wondered how that number could be associated with my age! Since my experience at the retreat 2 weeks ago, everything has changed. I stepped whole-heartedly into this birthday portal because I have stepped whole-heartedly into my life’s work. I now have a sense of comfort in my body. I am relaxed. I am finding so many of the strategies I used with my eating psychology clients apply here. I have stepped into my true calling. Things are flowing effortlessly, writing, talking about it, and inspiration about how I will bring this work to the world. One of the first things I am doing is mapping out my milestones into short term and long term goals.
Here are some of the activities that are showing up on my map.

  • I am writing a book.  I have always said I was going to write a book about my experience and now is the time. My book will be an accounting of my experience with Leah’s death and how I navigated the territory of grief to live a joyful and purposeful life. The book will define and inform the programs I will offer to help others navigate their own grief process.Right now the working title of my programs are “3 Levels of Engagement”, with each level going deeper into the process. The first level is early grief, learning to be with your new reality.

    The second, moves beyond the daily shock and numbness of early grief and prepares you to embark on creating a meaningful and purposeful life.
    The third is the alchemy of the initiation, a deeper journey to discover the purpose in your initiation, or rite of passage. It will investigate the lessons there are for you as you learn to live in your new reality and how you can manifest these lessons in the world.

  • I am writing my signature speech.
  • An exploration of grief as a cycle of life. Grief does not only mean the loss of a loved one. Any time life does not turn out the way that you planned, or your dream does not become a reality, there is grief. When you are able to grieve these losses fully you can move to the next phase of life without the burden of your loss. Some examples of this are the loss of a job, the loss of a relationship, or moving away from a place you love.
  • A group program to assist with facing milestone days or holidays.
  • A day long workshop to help those who know someone who has had a devastating loss and help them know what to say or not to say in times of grief.

These are just some of the ideas that I am working on. I am ready to start seeing clients. If you know anyone who would benefit from my work, please pass this on to them. I am committed to bringing about a shift in the way grief is seen by most people in our world.

Much love and gratitude for all the blessings I receive as I walk this path.