Grief & Samyama

Healing Grief is a journey and initiation

When the shock wears off, and after you have moved through early or new grief and learned how to live with your new reality, you realize that your life really has changed.

• How do you create a life that is meaningful now?
• Why should you want to?
• How do you know if you are healing?
• What does healing look like?

When you begin to ask yourself these questions, it’s a sign that you are ready to delve more deeply into your journey. It’s a time to recognize that you are on a journey.

Experiencing grief as a journey is life-changing. It can lead you to a new awareness of your meaning and purpose in life. Grief can be the catalyst that completely transforms your life.

Your own grief journey is transformative.

The journey will excavate your deepest longing. It will allow you to come face-to-face with the part of you that is yearning to step forth, as your fully-expressed self. It’s what Michael Meade calls your Genius.

When you are ready to embrace this journey with curiosity and courage, we will embark on a 9-month Rite of Passage that will serve as the structure for your experience.

A rite of passage is a ritual event that marks a person’s transition from one stage of life to another. It is categorized by three distinct phases:


When you experience a loss, you become separated from the world as you have known it. The fabric of your life has changed. When you choose to enter into a rite of passage, your journey beings with an exploration of the experience of separation.  You begin to process your grief, and you are no longer frozen in it.


This is the time when you are reassessing your life. You realize that the events of your life, including loss, have led you to where you are now. It is where the evolution of your true self occurs.

You recognize that there is no place you are going, no goal to be reached. You experience the paradox of not needing to fix anything, yet seeing the possibility that everything is different.

We will use tools such as Samyama, journaling, creative expression and others to explore ways that support you now. We will explore radical self-care as an essential practice to restore your sense of self, to regain a sense of purpose, and to redefine your life as it now stands.

This time can be thought of as a time of gestation, as you prepare to birth a new version of yourself that you discover along the way.


Integration happens as you incorporate your insights into the fabric of your life. You identify and take on your new role. You are now ready to face the world armed with the tools you have found during your journey. You have made them a part of your everyday life, and you are finding meaning again.

As you further integrate the lessons learned on your quest, you will feel more fully alive. You may gain a new purpose, or feel more rooted in a part of your life that was already in place.

Integration will continue for the rest of your life. It is an assimilation of all of your life lessons and experiences.

I will support you in this integration and guide you in the process of aligning with your new discoveries. These discoveries can be new skills or understandings of your own life, or they can be familiar practices that you are welcoming back into your life.