The heart is a place where everything is possible

Samyama is the foundation of my work.

Samyama was first described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, compiled around 400 CE.  He defined it as the practice of concentration, meditation and the perception of who you are and how you believe the world to be.  In practice, samyama is far simpler than the description.

We begin by becoming aware of your breathing. Your breath is then directed to your heart and your heart becomes a place of your focus. When you bring focus and awareness to your heart, you begin to become aware of your feelings.

As you continue to bring awareness to your heart, you begin to relax. The relaxation response allows you to let go of stress, even if it is just for a few moments.

As your practice of Samyama deepens, you will begin to be able to rest in your heart for longer periods of time. As you relax, your feelings become less intense. That’s when you begin to gain clarity.

I will guide you in this practice and help you to learn to be with all of the feelings that are part of your grief.

I found Samyama to be helpful to me in my own grief journey because it allowed me to be with whatever I was feeling at the time. It helped me to unravel the confusing feelings and be with them one at a time in a place that felt safe.

Samyama Healing can help us dissolve painful psychological states and soften the layers of protection over our hearts. Forgiveness, love, compassion, and joy arise naturally. We can give up struggling and agonizing.

Samyama Healing offers a way to meet each moment of life as it arises

Whether it is an ordinary moment in our day-to-day lives (like sitting in traffic when you are late for an appointment), or one of unusual trauma, grief, joy, or pleasure.

The practice of Samyama helps us to open to what is, as it is. This is so even in the most heart-shattering experiences. We learn to experience the perfection of Life as it is, no matter how it seems to be. Samyama alleviates the suffering of wanting things to be different than they are–no matter what they are.

This is not a method to fix what is wrong. You will learn that nothing needs to be fixed, including your grief. You will not get over your grief; you will learn to live with it in your own way, a way that gives meaning to your life.

Samyama consistently reveals so beautifully that there is nothing wrong, and no one needing to be fixed. It leads us to realize that every wound is a pathway to the Holy, if we can be present enough to recognize it. Samyama Healing teaches us presence.