Do you find yourself waiting until the perfect time to start something that needs to be done? Things like: working on a presentation, writing for your book, planning a special project, or unleashing your creativity?

What happens when you wait for the perfect time or the perfect circumstances to start something new or continue an ongoing project?

Usually the perfect time never comes and the project does not get done.You start having bad feelings about yourself because you are not meeting your expectations.
What if you do not wait for the perfect moment to start?

What if, instead, you start from where you are, in the very moment the thought to begin occurs to you?

What if you wrote from the pain you are feeling or allowed your difficult emotions to show up through your work?

When you feel inspired, your work flows easily and your words reflect your inner landscape, and, because you feel inspired, you like the outcome of your effort.
Why not do this when you are feeling vulnerable or fragile? Your words will be just as authentic as they are when you write from inspiration because they will reflect where you are in that moment.

Your work will show another facet of your authenticity.

Depending where you are at any given moment your words will ring true for those who need to hear that particular message. Perfection is a myth. Striving for perfection is very close to self abuse. Therefore, you will never achieve your perception of perfection.

Next time you are waiting for inspiration to hit before you begin that project, letter, or painting, instead start from where you are. That is how I wrote this blog. I started writing from a place that felt vulnerable, trusting that each moment holds value. Inspiration looks different depending on where you are so honor it no matter what it looks like.

This is one of the lessons I learned from my grief journey.

Start where you are.

It does not have to look a certain way, it’s your journey and it serves your life. Ask inside what you need then trust the answer. I can help you navigate this tenuous time so that you can regain a new purpose for living.