Grief is messy and misunderstood. When grief is present, the emotional turmoil you face is compounded by unclear ideas of grief and how grief works. The Grief Recovery Method helps you to understand griefs effect on you, your body and your relationships.

As a certified grief recovery specialist, I ask for the opportunity to assist you in your recovery. The Grief Recovery Method offers a process of developing skills and techniques for redefining grief. Together we will explore recovery from loss in your life. It is an action program of steps to heal the pain of grief with the objective of easing your pain and showing you what you can do to assist your own recovery.

Seeing loss in a new way allows you to complete the undelivered messages causing you emotional suffering as you relearn to live more fully in your new situation. What the Grief Recovery Method is particularly good at is illustrating the importance of taking a step back from the overwhelming feeling of our losses.

Many of the things that we learned about death and grief are incorrect.

Notions about grief are learned through observing how other people dealt with loss. Many of the things we learned growing up about grief are myths that do not really help us to process grief and can in fact delay or even prevent healing. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind. The feelings that you are having are also normal and natural for you. Grief is the conflicting group of human emotions caused by an end or a change in a familiar pattern of behavior.

Grief is a lifelong experience starting from some of our earliest memories. Yet, we are not taught to recognize it as grief but disappointment, sorrow or even failure. The good News is that we can change that process. Recovery is possible if you are ready to choose recovery over being stuck.

The program sets guideines of confidentiality, honesty, respect and being present.

Being present allows you to take a step back from the pain to allow you to learn to view loss in a new ways.
Meeting the challenge of loss in your life can lead you to a better understanding of yourself and allows you to give yourself permission to be unstuck and to move forward.

When we try to remember everything about a particular relationship, we cannot really see or remember the other person or the events clearly. We see and remember a story. With the tools and exercises learned in the Grief Recovery Method our capacity for attention and presence increases our emotional resilience. This leads to less stress and not just feeling F.I.N.E. (Feelings inside – not expressed).

There will come a moment when you can begin to inhabit your capacity of being present without identifying with the story or the history of your relationship. You can be free and start over again living your life and not the life of your story. Once you are open to your emotion, healing begins to take place.


One of the things that attract people to the Grief Recovery Method is that it works for the many instances of grief that we experience in life. We think that grief occurs only with the loss of a loved one (a spouse, parent or grandparent) but many of the occasions of grief include the loss of a job, moving, retirement, loss of health, money problems or divorce. The Grief Recovery Method has developed a special program series for children and their unique expressions of loss as well as a separate program for grieving the loss of a favorite pet animal.

All sessions can be for either individual or group events.  The program is based on either an eight or a 12-week cycle. Small groups can easily work through the program in 8 weeks and in larger groups, the 12-week program provides opportunities for the participants to share integrate and heal. Sessions generally last 2 hours with work assignments scheduled to be done outside of the session.

Dan Loeffler has worked as a construction project manager and quality control engineer during his career. Experiencing the loss of his daughter gave Dan and his wife, Nancy new insight and awareness into how many people live and work in a wounded state not knowing how to heal or where to find help. Dan’s experience with the Grief Recovery Method taught him that in helping others to understand and heal from grief that pain and unhealthy stress is released. Bringing Being with Grief to the world has become their work and their mission is to change the conversation around grief.