Everything I Have Done…..

“Everything you have done until now has prepared you for what is next.” When I heard that message shortly after Leah died, I had no idea that it meant EVERYTHING; every little thing that I have ever gone through in my entire life.  I came to that realization after a week of book events [...]

Everything I Have Done…..2021-08-05T10:56:34-04:00

There’s More Than One Way to Get to the Park

I’ve been receiving the following message in my morning meditation: “Show up unapologetically as yourself in everything that you do.” There was a time when that would have sent me down a rabbit hole or into a tailspin. What if “they” don’t like the fullness of who I am?  (Who is this mythical “they” [...]

There’s More Than One Way to Get to the Park2021-08-05T10:56:58-04:00


Here we are in the middle of a year that was supposed to be big.  At the end of 2019 and at the beginning of this year, we all read things like this: This is going to be the year that……. (fill in our own blank) It is a year of change to be [...]



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