I’m glad you’re here!

When I first began my grief journey over 20 years ago, I had no idea where to start.  My overwhelming feelings came crashing down on me.  I wanted to hide, to stay in bed and never emerge.  I thought my life was over.

In the early years of my grief journey, society would tell me that it was time to get over it, or move on and I had no idea where to start.

Have you ever felt that way?
I didn’t know how to start to reclaim my life.
I didn’t know if I wanted to….

And then I received a powerful message that changed my life.  
I heard,

“Losing Leah is too high a price to pay to not live the life I was meant to live.”

WOAH!  What did that mean, and how was I going to do it? 

After I received that message, I knew that I was going to have to find some way out of the deep well of grief that I found myself in.  I know that in order to honor Leah’s life, I was going to have to figure out the life I was meant to live.  

I began a journey that I didn’t want to go on, a journey that allowed me to find a way to meet my grief, get better at feeling my feelings, and find meaning and purpose again in my life. 

It was not an easy journey, It was not a fast journey.  It was and is a necessary journey. 

Do you long to find meaning and purpose again after a loss? 

Do you find yourself stuck in a place that feels foreign, that you don’t know how to get out of? 

Do you want to eat chocolate chip cookies so you don’t have to feel your pain, like I did?  

If you answered yes, to any of these questions, or are asking a myriad of your own questions, I invite you to register for my new membership program.  

This is a self-guided Grief Journey that is curated from all of the work that I have done in my own grief journey.

It contains over 3 hours of content in 25 videos, condensing the knowledge I gained into easy to grasp ideas.  

I take you through, one step at a time, a process that I developed on my own grief journey. It is the program that I use with my clients.  

I describe in detail the foundation of my work, a present moment awareness practice called Samyama, and I teach the process.  There are several Samyama experiences for you to deepen this practice for yourself. 

You will learn how to navigate the difficult feelings of grief in a safe space, one feeling at a time.  

I have designed this self-guided course to take you through the process at your own speed. 

And you can revisit the videos whenever you need to do so.  You will find that as you do this work, you will receive new insights as you begin to unravel the stories that keep you stuck in your pain. 

This process continues to assist me on my own journey, and continues to deepen my work with my private clients.  

I have included a resource section that holds all of my podcasts and YouTube interviews to date, and I will continue to add on to these as time goes on. 

I will also add additional videos in the resource section, such as:

How to Navigate the Grief during the Holidays

Additional present moment awareness videos, and more as they become available.  

Some of these are available in other locations, and some of them will be only for members. The beauty is that they all all be in one location for easy access. 

I hope you will decide to invest in your future and find meaning, purpose and even joy again in your life.