When you lose a loved one, your reality changes.

You no longer have a context for your life. You lose your focus, your sense of purpose. Clients who are ready to work through their grief come to me at different stages in the grief cycle. Like them, you are probably experiencing a variety of feelings.

  • You may have recently lost a loved one either after a prolonged illness or through an unexpected event. When grief is fresh, you often don’t know how to go on.
  • You may feel overwhelmed, guilty or regretful.
  • You may feel your life, as you knew it is over.
  • You may be afraid of the intensity of your feelings.

I work with you–wherever you are–in your own grief process. I will help you come to terms with your feelings whatever they may be. Each experience of grief is unique.

Grief from a loss other than death

Whenever you experience loss, such as the loss of a relationship, a job, an illness, or whenever your life turns out differently than you had hoped or expected, you experience grief.

Grief is part of the normal cycle of life. If you do not process your feelings at these times you may feel stuck or unable to move on. You may continue to repeat the same experience and feel like you are in a rut.
I can help you break free from your rut and learn how to move forward after life hands you an experience that was not a part of your plans.

Unresolved or ambiguous grief

Often when faced with devastating loss, you are immobilized and feel incapable of moving past your feelings. Your feelings may be vague, unclear or confusing.

You stay stuck after a loss because you did not know that there was a way out of the deep grief you were feeling.

You may even disassociate from your current feelings with the initial loss, because it happened so long ago. Or maybe you know exactly when your life was suspended.

Wherever you find yourself, it is not too late to move beyond your feelings of grief and find purpose again.