How Covid Sabotaged My Blog Challenge (or so I thought)

Almost smack dab in the middle of this challenge, I tested positive for Covid. I had symptoms several days before I tested positive, yet until I saw the results of a positive test, I didn’t give my body the rest it was asking for.  Like so many times in the past, I tried to push [...]

How Covid Sabotaged My Blog Challenge (or so I thought)2022-07-18T11:34:23-04:00

Beginning to Reclaim My Life

You may be wondering if it is possible to find meaning, purpose, or even joy again in light of your loss. I thought the same thing. I didn’t think it was possible to live that life I was meant to live. As I began to process my grief with Samyama I began to notice [...]

Beginning to Reclaim My Life2022-07-05T10:37:14-04:00

The Day My Life Changed Forever

Travel back with me to November 3, 2000. It was a Friday that started out like any other. I worked as a project manager for a contracting company, and my office was in a construction trailer on the campus of NIH in Bethesda Maryland where the project was located. Mid-morning the campus police knocked [...]

The Day My Life Changed Forever2022-07-05T10:30:49-04:00

Learning to Play (Again)

As an adult, play has always been elusive.  There have been many New Year’s Days when I have set an intention to play more. When I talked about one of the reasons I was drawn to work with D after we moved to Maryland, I noticed that I shared that we did many fun [...]

Learning to Play (Again)2022-07-08T14:01:13-04:00

When Did I Know I was Ready?

After I became certified as a Samyama Practitioner, it took several more years and a few twists and turns before I was ready to say yes to walking with others on their grief journeys. I knew my corporate job was no longer serving me and I was being called to do work that was [...]

When Did I Know I was Ready?2022-07-02T15:20:00-04:00

My Journey WIth Presence

I’ve talked a lot about presence in my work, in my videos, and in my writings.  If you are happening upon my work for the first time, you may have questions about exactly what presence is, and how it impacts my life. I first discovered presence named as presence in 1994. I had recently [...]

My Journey WIth Presence2022-07-02T15:14:16-04:00

Being Arya’s Baba (Part 1)

Ever since we knew we would be grandparents, our friends asked us what our grandparent name would be.  That’s something I never really contemplated for myself. If I were to be lucky enough to be a grandma, that name would be the best possible name my grandchild could call me.  Nonetheless, we played with [...]

Being Arya’s Baba (Part 1)2022-07-02T16:16:33-04:00


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