Grief Recovery Method

Continuing to Change the Conversation Around Grief

Early grief is a difficult topic that also requires a change in conversation. The difficulty encountered during this emotional time just occurs immediately after a loss. The feeling associated with early grief can be overwhelmingly challenging. Learned responses based on our own faulty observations do not provide sufficient skill to prepare us for large life [...]

Continuing to Change the Conversation Around Grief2015-11-18T15:39:35-05:00

Making the Move – Transitions

The topic of transitions and how we approach change came up in a recent discussion while visiting independent living facilities. In working with seniors, and with becoming seniors ourselves, how I view change in my life and how we manage our transitions made an big impression. As I meet and interact with the residents, their [...]

Making the Move – Transitions2015-11-05T13:24:20-05:00


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